A monkey bit me and I don't know what to do?!?

Wow...what an odd question....but.....let's move past that.

You should probably seek medical help immediately. I assume if you didn't at the time of the bite that you probably won't be reading this answer. You can at least take comfort that your question may have helped someone else who has been bitten while browsing Mogost!

How do I list a Buyers Auction

Buyers Auctions are listed pretty much the same as a normal auction. Just follow the prompts as you go through the process. When you're done and hit the list now button a warning will pop up if you've made a mistake. The warning will direct you to where you need to make corrections.

How do I list a new auction?

Just click sell and follow the prompts....it's pretty self explanatory. Each step guides you and if you make a mistake a warning will pop up when you try to list. The warning will explain what went wrong and at what section.

What is a Buyers Auction

A buyers auction is a way for you to buy something without having to do a lot of work yourself. You basically list what you want to buy and in most cases a general idea of what you're willing to spend, any specifics you want to include and then you sit back and let the sellers compete for your business.

You'll get connected selling auction linked directly to your Buyers Auction and you can either bid on one or more of them or even disconnect the auction from yours if you have no interest.

Sellers can see what other sellers are offering for your consideration and make adjustments to pricing or other methods to entice you to purchase theirs over the competition. In the end, you should get the best deal possible since sellers are actively competing to earn your business.

Why are there so many captcha security challenges?

Duhhh....to keep the robots from taking over! Have you never seen terminator? or the Matrix? If their systems had these security challenges their world would have been a better place.......